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Property Protection

You can buy insurance for commercial property and operating plants to protect against loses through break-ins, targeted sabotage or blind vandalism. Such loses can be compensated.

However, the daily operation of any business can suffer substantially from the effects of criminal activity. Important electronic data can be damaged, manipulated or even stolen. In the worst-case scenario, crime interrupts the productivity of an enterprise.

Only professional property protection services using modern technology can help you avoid such problems through deterrence and crime intervention. This allows you to achieve an optimal combination between staffing and security technology.

Personal Security

M.A. Security provides personal security services that guarantee private and corporate personal protection from assaults and attacks.

Persons needing personal security are mostly people in the public eye, who are at risk according to threat assessment or people who are at high risk of attack because of certain life circumstances (witness protection, victims of organized crime, and members of criminal organizations).


Patrols are the alternative to classic property protection. Based on the agreement the protected property is patrolled once or multiple times daily and therefore safe from vandalism, theft and other attacks.

Escorted Transport

In the area of transportation, we ensure the safety of your goods – directly on board or with a discrete escort.

Money and Valuables Transportation

We transport your money and valuable assets securely from A to B. Our trained personnel and armored vehicles ensure safe transport of your goods.

Event security

Guard services for concerts, trade shows and conferences. Whether it is an event, press conference, movie set security, convention, shareholder meeting, concert or festival.

  • Overall concept development including permitting
  • Reception staff and hosts for check-in and identity verification
  • Guarding of entrances and exits and VIP areas
  • Visible and discrete guard services throughout the event area
  • Parking coordination and management

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